Coltrane Development Company is a real estate development firm that focus on revitalizing urban neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC thorugh its boutique residential and commercial projects. We create value for both the communities and investors we serve through smart aquisitions, creative enhancements, and streamlined operations within the fast growing but tightly knit Charlotte urban market. Founded by Chad Faglier and Panchali Sau, 14 year industry veterans who can match real estate development investment with risk adjusted returns. Our core missions follow.


Our 14-year experience includes additions, whole-house renovations, home flips, single-home construction, lake homes, commercial upfits, property management of low-income housing, property management of commercial buildings, multi-lot home development, infil construction, and restaurant upfits. Today our we are acutely focused on multi lot home development and repurposing existing commercial buildings with a rich history and ample character. Our typical home sells for bewteen $600-$900K. We stay away from homes over $1M. And we develop projects up to $6M total sales. Four years ago we made the decision to not take on client commissioned builds and instead focus on our own creativity and bringing value to our communities and investors.



Ligustrum on Lorna Street